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New Solutions to make the most of your Medical Receivables

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Surgical Capital Solutions Inc. Introduces the new Solution's Portfolio: We heard our customers and have designed new flexible options for Medical Providers who work with patients on liens and for Business Brokers.

At Surgical Capital Solutions Inc., we have over 30 years of experience in personal injury claims, healthcare, and legal. To better serve you, we decided to start providing Servicing of Medical Receivables and added a new Broker's Program to our service portfolio.

After listening to our customer needs and challenges, especially during these difficult times, we implemented different options to better suit your needs and interests. We now welcome the opportunity to start providing the following solutions:

Servicing Medical Receivables

Are you a medical provider working on liens, and are not interested in selling your medical receivables? This Solution is for you.

Let our experienced team service and collect your personal injury medical receivables. More economical than hiring staff, our team of professionals can service accounts for you so you can keep your focus on patient care while still maintaining ownership of your receivables.

For more information please go to

Customized Solutions

Are you a medical provider working on liens and require a specific solution to your funding or servicing needs? This Solution is for you.

We understand every business is unique. If our existing solutions are not meeting your specific needs and requirements, we can develop one that will. Let’s work together in finding the best financial model to meet your goals and expectations.

For more information please go to


Are your providers in the Personal Injury Space? This solution is for you.

Get excellent compensation for referring medical providers that wish to sell medical receivables.

For more information please go to

Don't wait years to get paid and make the most of your personal injury receivables. CALL US NOW 1-844-784-3500.



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