Servicing Medical Receivables

Not interested in selling your medical receivables?

Let our experienced team service and collect them for you.

If selling your medical receivables is not of interest, we have solutions for you. 

More economical than hiring staff, our team of professional veterans with +30 years of industry knowledge can service accounts for you so you can keep your focus on patient care while still maintaining ownership of your receivables. 

Key Benefits

✓  Increase productivity of your staff. 

✓  More economical than hiring staff.

✓  We have some of the best fees in the market.   

✓  Fluent communication

✓  Frequent updating throughout the process.

✓  Monthly tracking of receivables. 

✓  Software developed specific to this industry.

✓  No need to switch from your current billing software.

You can also contact us via LIVE CHAT (clicking the chat button to the right) or CALL US NOW AT 1-844-784-3500.