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Solutions for Healthcare professionals

Working in the personal injury or motor vehicle collision (MVC) / auto accident space

Medical Team

Our competitive solutions help relieve the burden and risk for care providers and medical specialist, including:

chiropractic lien funding financing


dental lien funding financing


diagnostic lien funding financing


dme lien funding financing


neurology lien funding financing


pain management lien funding financing


physical therapy lien funding financing


surgery lien funding financing


surgical hardware lien funding financing


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Medical Lien Funding

Why accumulate your account receivables when you can obtain immediate funds for them?

Don’t wait years to get paid.


We are experienced professionals in purchasing medical lien receivables on personal injury cases. We work with providers throughout the US to solve capital needs and give fair payment upfront.

custom medical receivable solutions

Key Benefits

  • No-Risk.

  • Direct Funding. 

  • No personal guarantee required.

  • We fund your receivables both NEW AND AGED. 

  • We play fair with your attorney relationships. 

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Customized Solutions

Do you need a specific solution to your funding or servicing needs?

We understand every business is unique. If our existing solutions are not meeting your specific needs, we can develop one that will.


Let’s work together in finding the best financial model to meet your goals and expectations.

servicing medical receivables

Key Benefits

  • Discreet medical receivables funding.

  • Develop an optimum solution for your practice.

  • Increase productivity and capital availability.

  • We play fair with your attorney relationships. 

You can also contact us via LIVE CHAT (clicking the chat button to the right) or CALL US NOW AT 1-844-784-3500.

Healthcare P Solutions
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