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How to get more patients this 2022?

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Here are 3 ideas to make your medical practice thrive in 2022 and increase your number of patients.

After 18 challenging months due to the pandemic, patients are finally feeling safe returning for care, practice’s schedules are fuller, and (what’s even better) incomes are ascending.

But the healthcare world we left back in 2020 is no longer the same we came back to this 2021. Technologies, digital communication, and patient behavior (as a consumer) are now taking the lead in decision-making when it comes to choosing medical providers. Today’s patients have higher expectations and communication standards. Personal Injury professionals and healthcare givers can meet this challenge and energize their acquisition and retention efforts by adopting more effective and efficient digital communication to meet patients where they are. It is also important for medical practices to actively do some research to find out new ways to engage with their patients and match their trending predilections and expectations, to competitively retain and attract new patients.

So, how can you make patients (current and new) choose your practice this 2022?

Here are 3 great ideas that will make your practice thrive in this new digital era of healthcare:


Analyze your current site and think about how it could be more user-centered.

Is your website easy to navigate? Is it patient-focused? Does it offer useful information showcasing your services, pricing information, and even include a patient portal to access lab results and more? These are just a couple of questions you want to keep in mind when analyzing your current site and turning it into a more user-centered experience your patients will love and value.

Another extra feature your patients could tremendously value could be the possibility of filling out the forms electronically before an appointment, saving valuable time for them, but also time and money for you!


Patients are willing to switch to providers with modern digital communication methods.

A 2021 survey of patient communication preferences found 64 percent of those under 50 and 33 percent of those 50 and up are willing to switch to providers with an option for modern digital communication methods like texting. Patients do no longer feel obligated to stay with providers who don’t deliver a satisfying, digitally connected care experience.

Now that Virtual Health has proven to be effective, patients are continuing to look for more accessible and fast ways to communicate with their medical providers and, what could be easier than just texting or attending an appointment virtually? Imagine your patients could receive automated texts for appointment reminders, post-care instructions, follow-ups and could also ask questions via messaging, all without the need of making a phone call!


It doesn't have to be a complicated Marketing Plan. For instance, try promoting your practice via social media.

It doesn’t have to be a complicated and structured Marketing Plan, but a simple effort of sharing valuable information about your practice and services throughout your social media will make the word spread and generate new patients for you.

One great tool of Marketing and CRM for increasing visits from existing patients would be to set up reminders for those who are close to annual exams and or programs (such as annual vaccines, or specific conditions like diabetes control, or auto injury cases follow-ups), and usually tend to forget to schedule. One quick reminder by text, phone, or e-mail, goes a long way.

What do you think of these ideas? Will you include them in your plan to attract more patients this 2022? Are there other ideas you had in mind?

We would love to know and for you to share in the comments below!



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