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Healthcare Professionals: Surgical Capital Solutions welcomes you to the FSASC Annual Conference!

This summer, the FSASC (Florida Society of Ambulatory Surgery Centers) Annual Conference and Trade Show will bring together ASC professionals with industry experts and vendors at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando from July 20-22. The diversity of topics from clinical to management to business provides something for everyone. Surgical Capital Solutions will be part of this year’s event and we can’t wait to meet you and your team members there! (Taken from the FSASC site ).

About the FSASC

FSASC is governed by an elected board of directors equally representing corporate and individually owned centers in the state of Florida. Directors serve a three-year term and board elections are held every year. The mission of the Florida Society of Ambulatory Surgical Centers is to advance the ambulatory surgical center industry through government legislative and regulatory advocacy, as well as community awareness to promote the professionalism of its members through education, networking, and the exchange of information. On a national level, the Society works cooperatively with the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association. This cooperation allows FSASC members to add their influence on activities at the Federal level.

FSASC is the only organization of its kind in Florida:

  • Maintaining close contact with state agencies to monitor and impact regulations that govern ASCs.

  • Providing ASCs with a steady flow of vital information, empowering centers to benefit from state-of-the-art surgical, technical, and administrative procedures.

  • Offering annual trade shows, educational seminars, quarterly newsletters, and timely broadcasts on the latest industry trends.

Why do you need to assist?

The FSASC Annual Conference & Trade Show is rapidly approaching, and you don't want to miss it!

  • Opening Exhibit Hall Reception

  • 60+ Booth Trade Show

  • Thursday Event at House of Blues, Disney Springs

  • More than 10 hours of CEs (both nursing contact hours and AEUs for CASC)

Plus, Surgical Capital Solutions team will be at booth 507, waiting to put at your service our extensive experience in the healthcare field, including patient services, operations, finance, and legal affairs. Let’s find together the best solutions for your medical practice to Generate revenue with faster turnaround time, without acquiring additional debt.

Meet our Surgical Capital Solutions’ experienced team at the FSASC Conference!

At Surgical Capital Solutions Inc., we are not just funding, financing, and servicing experts; we are also a 30+ year combined industry-experienced team in personal injury claims, healthcare, and legal. We leverage our knowledge to construct medical lien funding/servicing programs specific to the unique needs of each client.

We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and your organization!

Here are the services Surgical Capital Solutions has ready for you:

Medical Lien Funding

Don’t accumulate your aging medical receivables. Instead, obtain immediate cash flow for them. We are experienced professionals in purchasing medical lien receivables on personal injury cases. We work with providers throughout the US to solve cash flow needs and give fair payment upfront.

Key Benefits

• No-Risk

• Direct Funding

• No personal guarantee required

• We fund both NEW AND AGING receivables (as far as 2017).

• Weekly immediate cash reimbursement.

• We help protect your attorney relationships.

• Discreet medical receivable funding options (for those who wish to not disclose the sale of their receivables.).

For more information on Medical Lien Funding, click here.

Medical Billing

Increase reimbursement, improve the speed of collections, and avoid common errors with our medical billing solutions. We take care of the complete billing process, including coding options, billing, reporting, and collections.

Key Benefits

• Increase cashflow, reimbursement, and profits

• Reduce overhead

• Monthly fee based on % of collections

• Optional practice management Software

• Overcome denials and underpayments.

• Get back time spent on nonmedical activities.

If you wish to learn more about Medical Billing, read our blog article about this new service here.

Servicing Medical Receivables

Let our experienced SCS team service and collect your receivables without the need to sell. More economical than hiring staff, our team of professionals can service accounts for you so you can keep your focus on patient care while still maintaining ownership of your receivables.

Key Benefits

• Increase the productivity of your staff.

• Decrease administrative burden to focus on patient care.

• We offer competitive rates.

• Monthly tracking of receivables.

• Software developed specifically for the PI industry.

• No need to switch from your current billing software.

For more information on Servicing Medical Receivables, click here.

Customized Solutions

We understand every business is unique. If our existing solutions are not meeting your specific needs and requirements, we can develop one that will. Let’s work together in finding the best financial model to meet your goals and expectations.

For more information on Customized Solutions, click here.

See you at the FSASC Annual Conference and Trade Show 2022!

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