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What is Medical Billing, Surgical Capital Solutions' new service?

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

If you, like other healthcare providers and physicians are struggling with the challenges of dealing with both delivering quality healthcare and handling all administrative activities, Medical Billing outsourcing is the right call for your medical practice. Surgical Capital Solutions relieves the burden of sacrificing your core activity (treating patients) for working on administrative chores. We are experts taking care of your whole reimbursement cycle, maximizing your revenue starting with the billing process through the AR collection management, while you concentrate on delivering care.

What is Medical Billing?

Medical billing is the process of submitting and following up with claims, as communicating with the insurance companies to receive accurate payment for the healthcare services rendered to a patient, provided by a physician and/or healthcare facility.

Medical billing services are designed for independent physician practices that want to increase both coding efficiency and overcome claim denials, as well as to help lessen the burden of administrative tasks that take precious time away from their highest priority: providing excellent patient care.

How Medical Billing works

The Medical billing cycle (and specifically the back-end portion) comprises numerous steps, such as:

Claim Creation and Submission: Medical Billing companies compile all the information required (About the patient, visit, treatment, medical services) using special billing software that meets electronic filing requirements and then submitted directly to insurance companies for review and timely reimbursement.

Claim Denial Management: Denials or reimbursement problems should be worked on as soon as they are received from insurers. In the event of a claim denial, the billing company is aware of common denial reasons and their resolutions and is responsible for revising the denied claim to determine the denial reasons, whether additional information is needed, if errors need to be corrected, or if the denial should be appealed and resubmitting the denied claim.

A/R Collections: The last step of the medical billing process is patient collections. The medical billing company manages collections from the insurance companies and/or the patients who received services.

An effective medical billing company will make sure to provide monthly reports on the case and claims updates, as well as payment and reimbursement statuses. Once payment is collected, the medical billing company will submit the revenue to accounts receivable (A/R) management, where payments are tracked and posted.

Is Medical Billing outsourcing the right choice for you?

With a primary focus on delivering professional patient care, most healthcare providers would prefer to stay away from the administrative work (and risk) of medical billing. Here are some of the reasons why Medical Billing could be a good fit for your practice:

You can expand and grow your business: If you are at the beginning of starting your own practice or you are a single provider you may think you don’t have much paperwork or patients yet and you can handle it all by yourself. Truth is, if you wish to stay only with a few number of patients and do not wish to expand your business, you could just do so. But, when outsourcing your medical billing process, you can rely on a team of experts that can optimize and speed your billing process and get the right reimbursement for all procedures you perform at your practice, thus giving you an organized, zero failure process and timely cash flow for your business growth.

Get faster payments: Save all that time submitting electronic claims, notifying payers, and completing endless documentation. A medical billing company can help you in transitioning from paper claims to electronic claim submission, electronic payments, entering/submitting information, etc. This leads not only to lesser denials and rejections in claims but also to faster payments.

About Surgical Capital Solutions’ new medical billing service

SCS is a 30+ year expert in personal injury claims, healthcare, and legal affairs. Our Medical Billing program has been designed to provide medical billing, coding options, and A/R management solutions to physicians, medical practices, ambulatory surgical facilities, and others who wish to increase cash flow, reduce errors, and improve collections speed while concentrating on their core activity: Patient care.

The top benefits of working with Surgical Capital Solutions are:

  • One-stop solution for all medical practices, including personal injury practices and specialties.

  • Faster reimbursements.

  • Reduce overhead

  • 5% of collections fee, monthly invoice based on collections.

  • Available coding options, Full Billing, Reporting, and Collections.

  • High-performance partners to help you achieve your revenue goals.

  • High-technology software.

  • Overcome rejections, denials, and underpayments.

  • More time for your patients.

  • Safe and Reliable Billing.

  • Tracking of your revenue cycle.

To learn more about our newest service, please contact us at Toll-Free: 1-844-784-3500 or email



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