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Most Commonly Asked Questions About the Medical Lien Funding

Medical Lien Funding

Medical lien funding is a financial arrangement that allows healthcare providers to receive upfront cash for services provided to patients who have personal injury claims. This funding option helps healthcare providers manage their cash flow effectively, allowing them to continue providing quality care without being hindered by financial constraints.

It essentially functions as a bridge, providing the necessary funds to cover operating costs while awaiting payment from the eventual settlements of personal injury claims. By utilizing medical lien funding, healthcare providers can focus on delivering excellent care to their patients without having to worry about the financial aspects of their practice.

Here are the most commonly asked questions about the process.

Before we dive into the specific questions most commonly asked about medical lien funding, it's essential to understand why these questions are crucial for healthcare providers and attorneys managing personal injury cases. Medical lien funding offers a vital financial lifeline, allowing medical services to be rendered promptly while awaiting the settlement of personal injury claims.

This section aims to set the stage for a deeper understanding of how medical lien funding works, its importance, and the common inquiries that arise during the funding process. This knowledge is not only fundamental but also empowers providers to make informed decisions, enhancing their ability to manage finances effectively and focus on patient care.

Commonly asked questions

How do I send the list of receivables I want to sell? 

To start selling your receivables, first gather and organize all relevant invoice details. This includes the date of service, the amount billed, and any payments received. It’s important to ensure this information is accurate and complete to facilitate a smooth transaction. Utilize secure methods provided by the funding company to submit your data to protect patient privacy and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations.

What portfolio size do we purchase? 

No portfolio is too small or large when it comes to medical lien funding. Providers can choose to fund a single receivable or multiple invoices depending on their financial needs. This flexibility allows providers to tailor the funding to suit seasonal business fluctuations or to bridge temporary gaps in cash flow, ensuring they have the necessary resources when needed.

How long does the process take? 

The complete process from application to receiving funds is streamlined to be as efficient as possible, usually taking between one to four weeks. This duration largely depends on the promptness of the required document submissions and the complexity of the receivables being funded. Providers can expedite the process by maintaining organized records and responding swiftly to any requests for additional information.

What documents do you require? 

The necessary documents typically include detailed receivables reports, patient ledgers, proof of services provided, and any correspondence with insurance companies related to the claims. Having these documents ready and up-to-date can significantly speed up the funding process and help avoid delays.

Do you do pre-authorizations for future services? 

For providers who anticipate ongoing financial needs, pre-authorization for future services is available. This proactive approach allows providers to secure funding approval for services not yet rendered based on historical business data and projected receivables, ensuring continuous working stability.

Do you fund forward flow? 

This approach is particularly beneficial for practices with consistent monthly billing volumes. Forward-flow funding agreements allow for the regular purchase of new receivables, providing a predictable and steady stream of funding. This can be particularly advantageous for managing ongoing expenses and investments in growth.

Do you require a personal guarantee? 

Most medical lien funding arrangements are non-recourse, meaning the funding is strictly tied to the success of collecting the receivables. This minimizes the personal financial risk to the healthcare provider, as no personal collateral is required, protecting personal assets and the financial integrity of the provider’s practice.

Medical Lien Funding

Unlocking Your Potential with Medical Lien Funding

Medical lien funding is designed to support healthcare providers by providing them with the necessary funds to continue their operations and care for patients effectively. If you're looking to unlock the potential in your receivables, visit Surgical Capital Solutions to learn more about how we can help you navigate your options and tailor solutions to your needs.

Partnering with Surgical Capital Solutions By partnering with Surgical Capital Solutions, you gain access to tailored financial solutions that respect the nuances of your practice's operations needs. We provide not just funding, but a partnership aimed at nurturing your practice’s growth and stability. Visit our website to explore how our medical lien funding solutions can align with your practice’s objectives and help you maintain a focus on providing exceptional patient care without financial distractions.

Feel free to contact us directly through our website to discuss how we can tailor our services to fit your specific needs and help stabilize and grow your healthcare practice.



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