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Medical Lien Funding -vs- Bank Loans. Which one is best for you?

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Have you ever caught yourself thinking about what could be the best decision to keep your practice afloat? Should you take a Bank loan? Or should you sell all those medical receivables your office staff is spending time collecting on that may never be settled? Let SCS give you some reasons why selling your Personal Injury medical receivables might just be the best option for you:

1. NO Waiting (immediate cash release): As a Medical Lien Funding Company we can pay you upfront weekly. A loan might take several weeks for the bank to decide on your case (and it might not even be approved) Also, bank loans will run a credit and background check where SCS will not pull any of these sources.

2. NO Risk: Once your case gets approved, we pay you ASAP (and on a weekly basis!). After we own the case if we don't get paid, it's our loss, not yours. You always get paid.

3. NO Debt: When you sell your medical receivables to us, you are selling an asset of yours. You are not acquiring any debt, thus no needing to pay any loans.

4. NO Personal Guarantees: There's no need to use your business assets when negotiating a medical lien. But Bank loans might do so, and not only business assets, but personal as well. We do not ask for a personal guarantee when negotiating your medical receivables.

Surgical Capital Solutions is a funding and service provider for personal injury receivables. We help medical practices gain financial relief and continue succeeding by purchasing their personal injury receivables. For more information and get a free quote on your cases, please visit



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