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Attorney Portal

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Surgical Capital Solutions provides personal injury attorneys with easy access to their medical lien funding settlement cases.

Register for the Surgical Capital Solutions Attorney Portal and quickly access:

Case management updates, status, reports, and more. 


medical records,
bills and more

communication and feedback

and share

case information


It's never been easier.

When registering to use our secure portal, you can: 

✓   Access Medical records, bills, status, and reports. 

✓   Keep constant communication with our team. 

✓   Download and share limitless information. 

✓   Add case details and relevant documents.

✓   Ready to negotiate? Let us know here!

You can also contact us via LIVE CHAT (clicking the chat button to the right) or CALL 1-844-784-3500.

Please note once you click the LOGIN button, you will leave Surgical Capital Solutions site and enter our secure online portal for attorneys, powered by Mighty. 

If you have any questions regarding the portal, you may contact Mighty Support Team. 


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