Privacy Policy

Our company collects usage information in order to assess how users access and utilize this site. This data is valuable to the company for various internal purposes, including troubleshooting and improving the site’s functionality. Our company might also collect user information for routine follow-ups in order to assess customer satisfaction and for periodic general announcements to users (including notifications, updates regarding the company or the site, marketing communications, and so forth).

We do not sell or rent information about you. We will not disclose personal information or message data to third parties without your consent. Rest assured our company will use the necessary measures to protect the security of your data. However, it is impossible for our company to completely guarantee that user data will be immune from malicious attacks or be compromised. 

Our company might make changes to its privacy policy from time to time and you may periodically revisit the policy for any updates. Users who continue to interact with the site following a revision of our company’s privacy policy will automatically be subject to the new terms.